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OPTION Categories of Engagement

Provisional Member Definition

  • Provisional Members must be a listening and spoken language program for children who are deaf/hard of hearing
  • Provisional Members are programs which have been open less than three years
  • A program can apply for Provisional Membership anytime during their first 3 years
  • Provisional Members can maintain this classification for three years

Application Process

  • Complete the Provisional Membership Application (below)

Forward the Application Packet to to be submitted to the OPTION Executive Board. The packet must include: 

  • A minimum of two letters of support from current Regular Members
  • Review of the OPTION Standards Document evidenced by it being co-signed by one of the supporting Regular Members and the applying program
  • A copy of the applying program’s mission statement
  • Description of services being provided by the program
  • A letter of verification confirming that the program’s board or governing body supports membership in OPTION
  • A signed letter of commitment to participate in the Listening and Spoken Language-Data Repository (LSL-DR) upon being accepted as a Regular Member

Provisional Member candidate must be approved by a majority vote of OPTION Regular Members

Provisional Member dues will be invoiced upon approval of application at 50% of the Regular Member rate

Benefits of Provisional Membership

  • Participate in the Listening and Spoken Language-Data Repository (LSL-DR)
  • Eligible for LSL-DR grants and other OPTION grants when available
  • Participate on committees
  • Attend Annual Meeting at the Regular Member rate
  • Attend the Annual Business Meeting (not eligible to vote)
  • Receive eNewsletter
  • Be part of a network of like-minded professionals
  • Access to OPTION Members Only portal

To maintain Provisional Membership and be considered for Regular Membership

Provisional Member Program must:

  • Be represented at the Annual Meeting at least two out of three meetings
  • Have at least one representative actively serving on a committee two out of three years.  Active participation is defined as being responsive to the Committee Chair’s communication and participating in scheduled committee meetings.
  • Pay assigned Provisional Member dues (50% of the Regular Member rate) in accordance with the established deadlines
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Services/Programs Offered:
I certify that all information included in this OPTION, Inc. membership application is true and accurate. As a representative of my program, I understand that our program will be billed for membership dues if this application is approved and membership privileges will not begin until dues are paid.