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Our Members

United States and Canada

West Coast Program Locations

Program Name - West Coast Website Location

CCHAT Sacramento

Sacremento, California

Echo Horizon School

Culver City, California

Spokane HOPE

Spokane, Washington

John Tracy Center (JTC)

Los Angeles, California

Listen and Talk

Seattle, Washington

Tucker Maxon School

Portland, Oregon

Weingarten Children's Center

Redwood City, California

Midwest Program Locations

Program Name - Midwest Website Location

Carle Auditory Oral School

Urbana, Illinois

Central Institute for the Deaf

St. Louis, Missouri

Child's Voice

Wood Dale, Illinois

Moog Center

St. Louis, Missouri

Ohio Valley Voices

Loveland, Ohio

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf

Brentwood, Missouri

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf

Indianapolis, Indiana

Northeast Program Locations

Southwest Program Locations

Southeast Program Locations


Program Name Website Location

Children's Hearing and Speech Centre of BC

Vancouver, British Columbia

Montreal Oral School

Westmount, Quebec


Program Name Website Location

Instituto Oral Modelo

Buenos Aires
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