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Who We Are

OPTION Schools, Inc. is excited about the future that lies ahead. The Executive Board and involved organizations are looking forward at the possible growth and difference made in the lives of families and children served by OPTION, its members and listening and spoken language programs.

With this future in mind, the current shape of OPTION Schools, Inc. has been over thirty years in the making.

1980 - Dr. Wallace Bruce (Sunshine Cottage) devised the idea to bring private Listening and Spoken Language schools together to share resources and overcome challenges.

1981 - George Fellendorf obtained a small grant for the purpose of inviting the directors of auditory-oral programs to meet. The organization was named OPTION Schools.

This original group of founders and key individuals included:

  • Sr. Joyce Buckler (St. Joseph’s Institute for the Deaf)
  • Edgar Lowell (John Tracey Clinic)
  • Bill Blevins (Clarke School for the Deaf)
  • Doris Leckie (Montreal Oral School for the Deaf)
  • Etta Fisher (Oralingua School for the Hearing Impaired)
  • Kathy Sussman (Jean Weingarten Peninsula Oral School)
  • Karen Rossi (Omaha Hearing School for Children)

2001 - OPTION Schools incorporated as a 501(c)3, non-profit organization.

2008 - The first full-time staff (Co-Executive Directors) are hired to work closely with the Executive Board and the membership to continue the excellence of service and high standards envisioned by the founders.

2010 - With systems in place, OPTION Schools, Inc. returned to its reliance on a volunteer board with administrative support.

2010 - The Listening and Spoken Language Data Repository (LSL-DR) is launched.

2013 - OPTION Schools, Inc. launches a newly redesigned Web site!

2019 - Re-branding OPTION Schools, Inc. with a new logo

  • Innovation Protocol
    Innovation Protocol